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Welcome to Al Tamayoz Medical Center, Dubai, team of highly skilled doctors and experts, dedicated to absolute professionalism.
Now the whole family can experience the best medical management under one roof. With friendly staff & homely atmosphere, you can experience our services.
·         To provide the best of health services to everyone. 
·         To create a new Concept of skin perfection by our skin cosmetic specialists.
Medical Services Unit 
Include the following therapeutic areas: 
• Gastroenterology clinic under the supervision of Digestive Diseases Consultant Dr / AL Hassan Sayed 
• Endocrinology clinic under the supervision of a Specialist Endocrine Diseases Dr. / Hafsa Kazem 
• Nephrology clinic under the supervision of a Specialist Nephrologists Dr / Amna Khalifa Al Hadari The 
• Family Clinic under the supervision of Dr. / Nafeesa M. Al Wathaifi (General practitioner) 
• Nutrition specialist clinic under the supervision of Specialist Nora Issa Unit are of Dermatology and Plastic Procedures Our Center provides complete medical services in an atmosphere individually created for the client under the supervision and care of a group of specialist dermatologists and nurses trained skin care and the use of the laser therapy under the supervision of Dr. / Razan Qadri, Dr. / Fatima Al Madani, Dr. / Fatima Khalifa  Al Hadari, Dr. / Alia Mualla
Al Tamayoz Medical center are: 

1. Treatment of skin diseases of all kinds regular, chronic, genetic 
2. Treatment of different kinds of allergies and chronic eczema in children and adults 
3. Treatment of hair loss and alopecia 
4. Diseases of fingernails and feet 
5. Treatment of acne and its effects 
6. Cleaning and treatment of different types of skin 
7. Chemical Pealing to remove wrinkles and scars on the skin surface and excess skin pigment 
8. Cautery procedures for the removal of warts and skin tumors and viral skin bumps 
9. Curettage for the removal of viral warts in the skin 
10. Treatment of dark circles around the eye 
11. Dermatological local injectable treatment of different conditions such as chronic eczema and alopecia and others 
12. - Advanced Mesotherapy 
13. - Therapeutic and Pealing facial masks 
14. Armpit sweating treatment 
15. Cosmetic Botox 
16. Intradermal cosmetic fillings 
Laser treatments: Cosmetic and Medical 
1-Unwanted Hair removal 
2-Treatment of skin pigmentation 
3 - Skin Tightening procedures for re gaining skin elasticity and beating wrinkles away 
4 - Treatment of blood vessels problems 
5 - Fractional Laser 
6 - Treatment of obesity and body consistency



Health Clinic in Dubai

Health Clinic in Dubai

Al Tamayoz Medical Center, Dubai, Al Nahda is a team of highly skilled experts, dedicated to absolute professionalism. Our friendly staff will ensure every patient/client to be com